CSARIDE : Climate Smart Agriculture Research and Innovation Support for Dairy Value Chains in Eritrea

Objective of the project

The objective is to promote inclusive, sustainable and climate-relevant transformation of the Eritrean dairy value chain to enhance food and nutrition security, reduce poverty, create job opportunities for young people, and promote resilience to climate change while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Implementing organization

The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority - TEAGASC (Ireland)


Eritrea/ Debub, Maekel and Anseba Regions

Funding and co-funding

Total budget: € 4,248,057


52 months (2020-2024)

Website : https://www.teagasc.ie/about/international-food-security/current-projects/eritrea/csaride/


CSARIDE Eritrea video (sous-titres en fraçais) - duration 2:33

CSARIDE Eritrea video (undertitled in English) - duration 6:14

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17 August 2021

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