Agroforestry Rwanda

Agroforestry Rwanda : Improving resilience of farmers’ livelihoods to climate change through innovative, research proven climate-smart agroforestry and efficient use of tree resources in the Eastern Province and peri-urban areas of Kigali city


The general objective is to increase the pace and scale of agroforestry-based restoration of degraded agricultural lands and sustainable use of biomass energy, with associated improvements of land health, livelihoods and poverty reduction. The specific objective is to effectively understand and demonstrate the ecological, social and economic pathways to, and resultant benefits from, the scale up of agroforestry-based restoration and sustainable biomass use in Eastern Province and in the  peri-urban Kigali city of Rwanda.

Implementing organizations

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL) in Rwanda


Eastern Province of Rwanda (7 districts) and peri-urban areas of Kigali City.

Funding and co-funding

Total budget: € 4,000,000


5 years (February 2020 - January 2025)

Agroforestry Rwanda video (sous-titres en fraçais) - duration: 2:24

Agroforestry Rwanda: support from the EU delegation in Kigali

Some news


DeSIRA agroforestry research project preliminary findings shows indigenous trees key to landscapes restoration in Rwanda - Story | IUCN

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