DP-XP4/AFAAS: Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme - CAADP ex-Pillar IV/ African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services. African Regional and Sub-Regional Organizations for Agricultural Research and Innovation Support Project.

Objective of the project

Enabling agricultural innovation and extension services under the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), to contribute effectively and sustainably to food and nutrition security, economic development and climate adaptation and mitigation in Africa. This will be achieved by improving AFAAS’ capability and the effectiveness of services delivered by Regional, Sub regional and National Fora and Extension Systems by improving their capacities, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among various actors.

Implementing organization

African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS). Regional Fora (SARFAS and RESCAR-AOC) and Country Fora are key players.


Africa, AFAAS shall initially directly work with the following countries: Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Madagascar, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Other Country Fora shall be assessed and included in a phased manner.

Funding and co-funding

Total budget: € 5,110,000


4 years (2019-2023)


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12 August 2020

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