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Barbara Cauli posted Information 18 February 2019

Local and regional authorities’ representatives from almost 80 countries gathered to discuss urban development challenges and ways to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals at local and regional level

Simone T. Tiofack shared an event from the group Policy Forum on Development (PFD) 14 September 2018
From27 September 2018
in Accra (Ghana)
Organised byInternational ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) & Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)


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Agenda, Partners, Stands

The Official Flyer of the 5th Assises.

10 July 2017 to 11 July 2017
in 1040 Bruxelles (Belgium)
Organised byEU Commission and Commitee of the Regions


The registration to the Assises 2017 is open!


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TUDCN Communicates posted Information 9 January 2017

By Daniel Oberko Originally published on Equal Times.

Barbara Cauli uploaded a new Document 11 January 2016

Le présent rapport de synthèse vise à présenter en quoi la coopération décentralisée est une modalité de coopération qui, sous réserve de réunir certaines conditions, peut produire des effets notables et spécifiques en matière de renforcement des autorités locales, de contribution aux dynam

Barbara Cauli uploaded a new Document 11 January 2016

Ce document est composé de trois annexes:
Annexe 1: Fiches de synthèse de huit études de cas

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