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5th Assises of decentralised cooperation

10 July 2017, 8:30 to 11 July 2017, 19:00


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About the Assises

On 10 and 11 July 2017, we look forward to meeting you in Brussels for the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions' 5th Assises of Decentralised Cooperation.

During the Assises, more than 600 participants, local and regional authorities from the EU, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific and Latin America will come together to discuss common challenges and build sustainable partnerships.

About this edition

The 5th edition of the Assises will consist in two plenary sessions, five round tables on policy-making and six project-oriented workshops.

On Day 1 – 10 July, Commissioner Neven Mimica and CoR President Markku Markkula will open the Assises. The thematic sessions will deal with the political context and global trends of decentralised cooperation. In the parallel round tables, elected leaders will discuss key political issues identified by the cities and the regions.

On Day 2 – 11 July, the plenary session will share the conclusions of the round tables and debate on conclusions. Six thematic workshops will serve as forum of exchange of experiences and good practices.


​ ​Round tables and workshops

​Round tables ​Workshops
​1. Sustainable Development Goals ​A. Sustainable Development Goals
​2. Migration B. ​Humanitarian crisis
​3. Climate change / Energy ​C. Climate change / Energy
​4. Cooperation and territorial development ​D. Food security and safety
​5. Capacity building ​E. Education for development
F. ​Cooperation and territorial development



​Hour ​Day 1 – 10 July Day 2 – 11 July
​9:00 ​Opening

​Parallel sessions:

  • Round Table 5: Capacity building
  • OECD review in depth
​10:00 ​Thematic session I: The political context
​10:30 ​Coffee break ​Coffee break
​11:00 ​Thematic session II: The state of play ​Plenary session: Conclusions
​13:00 ​Lunch ​Lunch

Round Tables 1-4 (3h)

  1. Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Migration
  3. Climate change and energy
  4. Cooperation and territorial development​ ​ ​
​Workshops (1h30)
   A. Sustainable Development Goals
   C. Climate change
   E. Food security and safety
​16:00 ​Coffee break
​16:30 Workshops (1h30)
   B. Humanitarian crisis
   D. Cooperation and territorial development
   F. Education for development​ ​
​17:30 ​Cocktail
​18:00 ​Cinema session (tbc) ​End of the Assises



The partners

A large number of partners collaborate actively in the Assises. These include international organisations, local and regional authorities, associations and specialised centres from the EU and partner countries. The partners act as co-leaders of the round tables and workshops and contribute to the stands



​English, French and Spanish are the working languages of the Assises. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the rooms

Additional interpretation will be available in the plenary sessions, round tables and workshops according to specific needs


Contact the co-organisers

European Commission 

European Committee of the Regions 




Agenda & Information

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