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2019 Forum 'Cities and Regions for development cooperation'

Local and regional authorities’ representatives from almost 80 countries gathered to discuss urban development challenges and ways to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals at local and regional level

500 local and regional authorities’ representatives, coming from almost 80 countries around the world, have gathered the 4th and 5th February in Bruxelles at the “Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation” forum to discuss urban development challenges and ways to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals at local and regional level. FORUM

The 2019 edition of the forum, co- organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) and the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), adopted an innovative approach, in its structure, methodology, participants and in its aim. The event was conceived as unique space for policy dialogue on sustainable urban development between EU institutions and local and regional authorities from EU and partner countries. 

The highlights of the event were a) the presentations of successful partnerships between Local Authorities from EU MS and partner countries (Phnom Penh and Paris: masterplan for land-use and access to clean drinking water for all; Buenos Aires and Madrid: public transport, pedestrian streets and access to culture; Benghazi and Tripoli with various EU cities and regions: sustainable fisheries for better livelihoods; Dogbo (Benin) and Roeselare (Belgium):birth registrations; Ukraine and EU cities: peer-to-peer cooperation on energy efficiency) and b) lively debates among participants within more than 60 groups on topics suggested by them.

The participatory dialogue was highly appreciated by participants and led to several policy recommendations and feedback on the next Call for Proposals for Local Authorities on partnerships for sustainable urban development (contact C5 for information on recommendations). Regiocities

EU representatives welcomed participants’ recommendations, and committed to take them into account in forthcoming actions to support local authorities.

The DG committed on few actions to take forward DEVCO’s work with local authorities: a) Structuring a dialogue with local authorities and their associations, identifying priorities for debates and develop roadmaps for a more structured engagement with local authorities at country level to frame our cooperation; b) Set up a new pillar for cities, territories and local authorities under the new financial instrument NDICI; c) Integrate inputs for the next call: consider the reduction of the minimum amount of the projects while keeping the co-financing (to ensure better ownership).

Stefano Montervisi's general interview on the forum:



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Barbara Cauli
18 February 2019

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