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Sarah Simpson posted news 17 October 2017

Buen VivirMunich’s traffic grinds to a halt as hundreds of people sashay, skip and groov

Sarah Simpson posted news 17 July 2018

DEAR Symbol + TextThe European Commission launched a 2018 DEAR Call for Prop

Sandra Oliveira posted news 21 May 2018

multi-stakeholder group meeting april 2018Representat

Sandra Oliveira posted news 22 May 2018


Sarah Simpson posted news 31 October 2017

DEAR project leaders

Sarah Simpson posted news 19 March 2018

At the DEAR Inception Seminar we shared tips, experience and guidance on setting u

Sarah Simpson posted news 13 June 2017

European Commission supported DEAR projects have come together in a variety of workshops since 2015.  These workshops give project managers, partners - and on some occasions project participants - an opportunity to exchange their project experiences focusing on a particular theme or issue.  In al

Sarah Simpson created a new Photo album 19 March 2018

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