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Starting a DEAR project? Here's some advice...

DEAR project leadersIf you are involved in starting or implementing a new European Commission supported DEAR project, you may want to have a look at suggestions from colleagues with experience working on other projects.

The ‘Planning and Implementing EU DEAR Projects’ paper gives ideas from those who have gone before you – and tackles some of the issues they had to deal with. It contains suggestions on starting your project, working with your partners, developing your ‘change agents’ and many other issues you are likely to face, too.  

The document also looks at issues aroung using what is commonly refered to as ‘sub-granting’, though note that EU regulations, contracts and The PRAG now instead use the term 'Financial Support', and do not use the phrase 'sub-granting'. 

The paper can be downloaded below.


Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 6 November 2017

Ideas and suggestions from European Commission supported DEAR Projects 

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Sarah Simpson
31 October 2017

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