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More DEAR Project Highlights

DEAR project “I am European - Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century” organised an “International Partnerships InfoPoint” via the European Commission. All DEAR projects are welcome to organise their own, with the support of the DEAR Support Team. Logistics, technical issues and promotion is covered. It is your chance to focus on and share your project experiences, lessons learned and stories. 

Over 65 people from across the globe, from Brussels to Eswatini, participated in the 1,5 hour virtual session to learn about the project work and provide their own recommendations. Project managers from Poland, Finland and Estonia described their work with students, journalists and teachers to change the narrative around migration. They worked with journalists to develop “story-telling” in sensitive settings, for example around human trafficking. 

A Finnish journalist described that she learned  “how to work with my biases and how to protect my sources. I improved my ability to state my thoughts more concretely … and how to write better stories about the migrants.” An Estonian student described how he developed more empathy for the plight of refugees via interactive games. A Polish teacher started using short video migrant testimonies in her classes. 

One of the outreach recommendations from the project managers: “We go to the people we want to engage with. They may not come to us, so we go to them.” 

Climate of Change:

The “Making Of - A contemporary circus project”, a documentary of the #ClimateOfChange tour, has made it into two international film festivals: the “Circus International Film Festival” and the “Environmental Film & Screenplay Festival,” where it was nominated for Best Cinematography. 

The pan-European #ClimateOfChange Circus road trip was a European 2021 campaign of sensibilisation on themes such as migrations caused by climate change. In the film, the project lead partners (WeWorld Onlus) dive behind the scenes of the MagdaClan Circus - into the secret mechanisms behind the great shows. For example, they look into the two “transformer” trucks that turn into the dystopian stage of the show. The project used the documentary film platform “FilmFreeway” to find its way into these global events.   

Watch the “Making Of” movie

More information about #ClimateOfChange

See and read more about the film and its director through the Los Angelos Environmental Film and Screenplay Festival

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18 May 2022

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