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DEAR Programme reports

From time to time the DEAR Support Team produces an overview and analysis of the projects supported by the DEAR Programme.

The following reports have been produced covering the projects in implementation in a particular year.

The ‘DEAR Projects: Achievement & Impact 2018’ report provides an overview and analysis of processes and outcomes of recently completed projects. These projects were all given EU grant support following the 2013 DEAR Call for Proposals.  A summary of the results of the projects is also available in the form of an Infographic.

The ‘DEAR Projects 2019: Campaigning-Advocacy & Global Learning’ report describes the projects awarded an EU grant following the 2016 DEAR Call for Proposals.  The report focuses on a review of the Campaigning-Advocacy and Global Learning approaches used by the projects.  It also gives a summary of salient findings from a series of ‘country studies’ carried out in that year (see below for the detail of these studies).

The  ‘DEAR Projects 2020: projects at half-time’ provides a review of EU DEAR supported projects after their second year of implementation, looking at their ways of working as well as at the results they are creating.  The report also includes a summary description of work done by European networks that receive EU DEAR grant support and gives an overview of some of the issues highlighted in a series of eight country studies dealing with the contexts of DEAR in selected EU Member States.

Country Studies:

Various ‘country studies’ have also been produced. They each reflect on the political, social and media contexts in which DEAR Projects in a particular EU Member State operate, and give an indication of observations from DEAR projects about those contexts.

In 2019 the following country studies were produced:

FinlandFranceGreeceHungary, and Portugal.

In 2020 country studies were developed for:

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15 November 2018

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