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  1. HeatWave: My city strikes back

    A simulation workshop on climate change designed by Climates France in partnership with UNICEF France. In the interactive activity, each participant plays the role of a civil society actor confronted with the imminent arrival of an extreme heat wave in their city. The goal of the activity is to...
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  2. Climate Diaries: a visual participatory methodology to reflect on Climate Crisis and Mobility

    The University of Bologna (UniBo), partner of the Climate of Change project, carried out a multidisciplinary research and designed educational activities related to the climate change-migration nexus. Among other quantitative and qualitative tools, visual methods were applied as a means to test and...
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  3. A new DEAR handbook for all project stages

    The new DEAR guide for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) is out! It helps to assess project and programme achievements, reflect what works, when, how and why. It guides DEAR actors through every stage of a project: designing, developing, building partnerships, monitoring,...
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