A group for Development Education and Awareness raising practitioners

Welcome to the Development Education and Awareness Raising practitioners group. The Commission wishes to capitalise its investments on a strong global citizenship and make these visible - fostering the creation of multiplier effects at local, national and European level. Development Education and Awareness Raising – sometimes with different framework concepts, as Global Citizenship or Global education – work, actions and impacts are to be fostered, systematised and shared transparently.

For this reason, a series of capitalization, capacity building and networking events and meetings are taking place involving CSO, local authorities and other organisations responsible for the implementation of the on-going projects that received a grant from the DEAR Programme of DEVCO/B2 Unit - the official framework can be found here: SWD.

Feel invited to take part on this growing “DEAR Community” and share your learnings.



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Sandra Oliveira
last update
10 July 2017

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