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DEAR Cluster Meetings - Brussels, 2015

18 May
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Brussels, Belgium
Organised by DevCo B2 unit with the DEAR Support Team
The Cluster meetings are interactive, knowledge sharing, one day workshops for each of the 3 clusters of EC DEAR projects - formal education, non-formal and advocacy/campaigning areas - enabling 1) identification of learning points and good practice principles from the represented projects; 2)...
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Cluster meetings reports online

DEAR community, A summary of each of the knowledge sharing and learning Cluster meetings that took place in 2015 are online, we've uploaded the respective reports on each of the correspondent events at Related documents. And here too: http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/dear-programme/document/report-...
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Questions about DEAR projects

After the 2015 knowledge sharing events with the ongoing Commission supported DEAR projects lead by Civil society and Local Authorities from all European Members states, one short summary of the key questions that any DEAR project organiser could (or should) usefully consider during PLANNING,...
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Asking the right questions?

Asking the right questions before starting - or even designing - a project, is sometimes the quintessential thing to do, for any manager or practitioner that wishes to make a DEAR project meaningful for all stakeholders - from the end beneficiary to the partners, to the staff and even the donors...
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