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Memories: WANTED!

For the attention of all DEAR family members (both serving OR retired) Fourty years ago, in 1976 , a 2.5 MECU fund was set up to co-finance NGO projects in developing countries. As from 1979, a part of this increasing fund (around 10%) was earmarked for development education in Europe. That is why...
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Sandra Oliveira created a new WIKI page 3 March 2016

DEAR community,

The European Commission starts celebrating this year the 40th anniversary of co-financing development education and awareness raising (DEAR) activities in European Union countries.

Live streaming video and presentation

DEAR community, the archived live streaming of the info session at the CSO Forum in Brussels, informing about the objectives, priorities and criteria of the upcoming DEAR Programme Call for Proposals, can be found here, just click on the play button. And check the presentation at related Documents...
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DEAR Programme CfP2016

DEAR community, please find the links and documents of the open DEAR Programme Call for Proposals here - the deadline is set to the 21st of June 2016, 4pm CET - a corrigendum was published. A functional mailbox specifically dedicated to this call has been set up: EuropeAid-151103@ec.europa.eu...
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Eurobarometer: four decades and rising!

DEAR community, after 40 decades of EC support for development, the most recent Eurobarometer survey show that "attitudes towards development aid have generally become increasingly positive over the past year. There is growing awareness about development and development aid across Europe. Almost...
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DEAR live at LA congress

Dear community, this week, in the framework of the Congress Council of European Municipalities and Region (20-22 April in Nicosia), the PLATFORMA network organises one session on “No decentralised cooperation without citizens’ empowerment! How to take on board civil society”. The session takes...
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EDD2016: come and meet the DEAR Pioneers

Dear community, this year, as part of the celebration of four decades of DE(AR) Programme and the research for its stories, protagonists and learnings, we are researching the pioneers of the Development Education and Awareness Raising projects. We've discovered a few of these pioneers and invited...
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Trade unions as actors of development education and awareness raising for global solidarity

There is a wealth of campaigns lead by trade unions that aim to raise awareness of life's realities in developing countries. These campaigns often result in direct North-South partnerships between trade unions in developed and developing countries. The Trade Union Development Cooperation Network...
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