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Exchange Hub for Commission supported DEAR projects

23 Mar
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Brussels, Belgium
On Thursday and Friday 23 rd and 24 th March a workshop style event will take place in Brussels with all ongoing Commission supported DEAR projects. Project managers of the Development Education and Awareness Raising actions that received a grant from the 2013 Call for Proposals will take a day and...
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DEAR Fair: an overview of the 2015 edition

The report about the DEAR Fair 2015 is now available to the public. An overview of the whole event, intervenients and discussions, including the participant's evaluation - all summarised in the report. This 2-day showcase of the ongoing Development Education and Awareness Raising projects took...
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Sharing knowledge from DEAR projects

DEAR community, Last summer we've organised two meetings to support knowledge sharing and dialogue among DEAR project managers - the Milan Exchange Hubs agreggated two central concerns to the majority of practitioners and managers: A: Working in and with Local communities B: Working in and with...
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EDD2016: come and meet the DEAR Pioneers

Dear community, this year, as part of the celebration of four decades of DE(AR) Programme and the research for its stories, protagonists and learnings, we are researching the pioneers of the Development Education and Awareness Raising projects. We've discovered a few of these pioneers and invited...
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