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  1. The Impact of Development Awareness Raising

    The latest Voices & Views on capacity4dev.eu looks at some of the perspectives from the recent DEAR meeting in Brussels. Featuring video interviews with Valentina Auricchio, Joanne Malone and Liz Allum. http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/article/impact-development-awareness-ra...
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  2. Cluster meetings reports online

    DEAR community, A summary of each of the knowledge sharing and learning Cluster meetings that took place in 2015 are online, we've uploaded the respective reports on each of the correspondent events at Related documents. And here too: http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/dear-programme/document/report-...
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  3. Asking the right questions?

    Asking the right questions before starting - or even designing - a project, is sometimes the quintessential thing to do, for any manager or practitioner that wishes to make a DEAR project meaningful for all stakeholders - from the end beneficiary to the partners, to the staff and even the donors...
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  4. DEAR ST is looking to recruit consultants -- PLEASE SHARE

    PLEASE FORWARD TO POTENTIALLY INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS (AND ORGANISATIONS), many thanks! The DEAR Support Team (a project of the European Commission’s Development Education & Awareness Raising Programme) is looking to recruit consultant-facilitators to organise a one day workshop with...
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  5. sub-granting opportunity

    EU DEAR project Snapshots from the Borders The project has, among other aims, the goal of having the 3rd of October recognized as the European Day for Memory and Welcome. A petition has been launched for subgranting for the 15 Member states not covered by the consortium. The subtracting ranges from...
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  6. Anyone up for some games?

    Do you have a team building session coming up or an event or exhibition planned? Perhaps you have a spare corner of your office where colleagues like to congregate? If so, these Development Education and Awareness Raising games developed and used at the European Development Days, #EDD19, might be...
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  7. Start the Change: sub-granting opportunity

    DEAR project Start the Change has launched a call for organisations to promote actions and activities that target 14-25 year olds, promoting reflection on the link between migration and global inequality through the use of artistic or creative actions. The deadline for applications is 2 August 2019...
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  8. Dear community: Join us on the 9th September webinar

    Join us on 9th September at 10am CET for a 90 min webinar on Media & Migration: Counteracting negative narratives with Professor Myria Georgiou from the London School of Economics. Registration is required and place limited. Follow this link to sign up - https://ec.europa.eu/international-...
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