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Evaluation of the EU CSO and LA Thematic Programme (2014-2019)


In December 2020, the European Commission published the final report of the independent, external evaluation of the Civil Society Organisations – Local Authorities Thematic Programme (CSO-LA).

CSO-LA thematic programme aimed at supporting multi-actor approaches and inclusive partnerships for development through actions led by CSOs and LAs. The Programme operates in over 140 countries, including EU Member States, with an allocation of approximately Euro 1.9 billion (2014-2020) and has implemented over 1400 projects since 2014.

The evaluation looked in more detail at three main components of CSO-LA: civil society, local authorities, and the DEAR Programme. Across all three components, it assessed a number of criteria including the relevance of the EU’s cooperation strategies in relation to CSOs and LAs, consistency with regional and national programming, the value added of EU interventions, coordination and results achieved.

The evaluation found CSO-LA to be relevant for the partner countries and civil society and achieving positive results in capacity development, policy, and democratic governance. The evaluators also concluded that the ambition level of the programme was too high given the scale and nature of the challenges faced by civil society and local authorities.

The report also confirmed the achievement of good results by the DEAR Programme, portraying it as ‘unique in its scope, being the only EU-funded programme that explicitly connects global development issues with actions aimed at EU citizens’. Few recommendations are also put forth regarding DEAR Programme results, monitoring framework, as well as the stakeholder feedback process.

If you are implementing a DEAR-supported project or, more widely, you work on development cooperation and Global Citizenship Education, the report offers plenty of useful insights to inform your work and food for thought about DEAR/GCE!

The full report can be accessed HERE and the DEAR component report is presented below.

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