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Asking the right questions?

Asking the right questions before starting - or even designing - a project, is sometimes the quintessential thing to do, for any manager or practitioner that wishes to make a DEAR project meaningful for all stakeholders - from the end beneficiary to the partners, to the staff and even the donors.

During 2015 the DEAR Support Team organised and facilitated six workshop-meetings involving: more than 60 EU Development Education & Awareness Raising (DEAR) projects, more than 125 participants, more than 100 organisations, institutions and local authorities from across the European Union.

What you may find in this 4pager document is a summary of the key questions any DEAR project organiser could (or should) usefully consider during PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION AND CONCLUSION of their project. 

A snappy and fast memo for DEAR managers and planners,

good reads!

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Sandra Oliveira
last update
30 March 2017

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