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Anyone up for some games?

Do you have a team building session coming up or an event or exhibition planned? Perhaps you have a spare corner of your office where colleagues like to congregate? If so, these Development Education and Awareness Raising games developed and used at the European Development Days, #EDD19, might be of use to you.

Attendees voted with their feet at #EDD19 and made the DEAR Programme stand one of the most frequented at the Brussels event, which attracted some 8,500 visitors this June. Key to the success of the stand, was a selection of specially developed games that you're invited to download and play if you wish. Have fun!

Cards for Humanity

A more politically correct version of the Cards Against Humanity game, but equally fun, this game invites three players - or three teams of players - to fill in the blanks to produce statements that can help us all contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Simply print off the pre-prepared cards and instructions on the pdf documents attached – plus the file with the questions to be displayed on a screen. You'll need someone to lead the game and three willing players/teams to construct the statements from the cards provided.

Jenga for Sustainability

First you'll need to make a purchase of a cardboard building block game, for example from a well-known Swedish homeware store with branches across Europe. Cost is around €20 for a flat-pack of 24 cardboard blocks. At the EDDs, we used two packs of the game making 48 blocks in total. This produces a good high tower about 180 cm tall, though we set up our tower on a small coffee table to give it some extra height! Construct the blocks and then stick a challenge/ task on each block from the pre-prepared documents attached.

The rules of the game: any number of players can join in. One by one players remove a block from the tower, always leaving the top layer of tower blocks intact. On removing a block, the player has to complete the task or challenge before putting the used block at the top. The winner is the last person to remove a block and complete a challenge without making the tower topple.

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10 July 2019

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