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DEARThe European Commission's Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme, DEAR, supports projects that engage the European Union public in worldwide issues of social, economic and environmental development. DEAR works with civil society organisations and local authorities to promote universal values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Find out more.


Communicating on Climate Change for Action

Effective communication on climate change can be problematic. The science is complex, its effects often distant, and the ultimate message is just too scary. Climate change engagement specialist Robin Webster explains how to overcome these challenges and encourage action in video presentations.

Andreea (left) and Tina (middle) with another volunteer in MalawiVolunteering in Africa Inspires Action Closer to Home in Romania

After volunteering on a house-building project in Malawi, Tina Cretu has a whole new perspective on development and how she can actively contribute to positive change both internationally and in her home country of Romania.

Dear Map of projectsDEAR Projects report 2018

An overview of recent and current EC-DEAR projects and an analysis of recently completed projects has been produced.  The ‘DEAR Projects: Achievement & Impact 2018’ report is available here.

Dr Momodou SallahMotivating Young People to Engage in Global Development

Projects funded by the EU’s Development Education and Awareness Programme considered how to motive young people to act and participate in global development at a learning and development hub in Sofia, Bulgaria on 2 and 3 April. Watch video presentations here.

Grounding a More Sustainable Europe

Families in the Mojados region of Spain are taking part in the European Commission supported ‘Rural DEAR Agenda’ project. The project, led by Valladolid province partnering with local authorities and CSOs in seven EU countries, is a pilot aiming to boost the local capacity to support awareness raising actions in rural communities across Europe. Read more...

MSG meetingMulti-Stakeholder Meeting 2018 Report

At a recent EU-DEAR Multi-Stakeholder Group meeting, the European Commission consulted on its ideas for a DEAR Call for Proposals to be launched this year. A report on the meeting and other information exchanged in April can be found here.

DEAR Inception Seminar 2018

At the Inception Seminar in March 2018 we shared tips, experience and guidance on setting up and managing your new DEAR project. The report and all the presentations from that Seminar are available for download from this page.

Pupils in their school vegetable garden, MaltaInspiring Children to Lead the Way on Responsible Eating

Since Isaac Sam Camilleri took part in a European Commission supported project to educate children on responsible food consumption, he and many other kids in Malta, grow, forage or help prepare their own nutritious school lunches. 

Michaela Cermakova, right, with colleague Tereza ČajkováEating Responsibly: A Model for Environmentally Conscientious Events

Over three frigid January days in Prague, the Eat Responsibly project gathered for a closing conference. For organisers it was not only an opportunity to discuss the achievements of the previous three years and share lessons learned, but to demonstrate at every meal and coffee break, what it really means to ‘Eat Responsibly’.

DEAR project leadersStarting a DEAR project? Here's some advice...

If you are involved in starting or implementing a new European Commission supported DEAR project you may want to have a look at suggestions from colleagues in other projects. The ‘Planning and Implementing EU DEAR Projects’ paper gives ideas from those who have gone before you – and issues they had to deal with.  Download it here.

DEAR 1.0_les pionniers'L'éducation au développement est plus pertinente que jamais'

Il y a quatre décennies, la Commission a décidé de soutenir des projets d'éducation au développement et de sensibilisation - dans cette vidéo (FR version) vous trouverez les points de vue de protagonistes de ces années, tant du personnel de la Commission que de la société civile. (EN version)

Buen VivirWhat Makes A Good Life?

Munich’s traffic grinds to a halt as hundreds of people sashay, skip and groove their way through hushed streets, moving to a beat only the dancers can hear. This street action is part of a European Union supported project to raise awareness of how lifestyle choices impact climate change and the environment. Read more...

Linking Tax Payment to Gender Equality and Sustainable Development

Passers by stop to look, read or exclaim at the placards draped around the necks of a group of campaigners for tax justice and women’s rights, one recent day in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. As each campaigner strikes a pose to illustrate their slogan or represent how it makes them feel, some onlookers take the time to approach, and ask questions. Read more...

Make Fruit Fair! campaignerInformed Consumers Change Lives for the Better

Making a positive contribution to international development can feel difficult, but a project funded by the Development Education Awareness Raising Programme enables European shoppers to make informed choices that have improved the lives of countless people in the developing world.

DEAR Community Updates

Sign up to Community Updates prepared by the DEAR Support Team and stay up to date on latest DEAR news, events, upcoming Calls for Proposals and DEAR projects' achievements by following this link.

Learning from DEAR Projects

DEAR learning and knowledge-sharing workshops give project managers, partners and on some occasions project participants, an opportunity to exchange experiences focusing on a particular theme or issue. If you want tips on how to plan, implement or conclude your DEAR project, follow this link.

DEAR Leaflets

The official DEAR leaflet is available in all 24 official languages of the EU. To download a copy or access a short presentation introducing the DEAR programme and some of the supported DEAR projects, follow this link.

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