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Basics of Small Wind Turbines

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
From28 April 2010

.... Seminar Focus:

* Potentials and Challenges
* State of Technology, Turbine Concepts, System Integration
and Optimisation
* Performance, Costs, Quality, Safety and Certification
* Planning, Installation and Operation
* Example Projects and Field Experience

For further information, please, visit the seminar's webpage. [1]


International Small Wind Conference 2010

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
27 April 2010 to 29 April 2010

.... Generating your future: the world's leading small wind event

Following the success of the inaugural International Small Wind Conference
2009, the event will run again in 2010, with even more delegates, exhibitors
and visitors expected. ISWC2010 will be held at Glasgow Science Centre over
Tuesday 27th - Wednesday 28th April 2010. Over 400 people are expected to
attend the conference and up to 35 companies will be on displaying their
small wind products and services at the accompanying exhibition.

Small wind systems are taking off in a big way. Driven by government policy,
planning, building regulations, climate change and increasing fossil fuel
prices, microgeneration technologies are increasingly becoming an integral
part of national, householder or business approaches to energy use and onsite

.... *Free exhibition: Come and discover your own small wind turbine!!*

ISWC2010 will provide much much more, and will coincide with the launch of
new UK financial incentives or Feed In Tariffs. An exhibition hall hosting
up to 50 small wind companies demonstrating their technologies, products,
and services will allow all those with an interest in small wind systems to
come and discover small wind technology for themselves for free!

.... An unrivalled programme

Two days of seminars, educational sessions and networking opportunities will
bring together all constituents of the global small wind sector, with focus
given to renewable energy policy, international markets, technology
awareness, technical research and educational issues.

The sell-out inaugural ISWC attracted attendance from the international
microgeneration industry, national Governments, policy makers, the financial
sector, the construction sector, academia, the media, as well as consumers,
farmers and businesses interested in generating their own clean green
renewable energy.

For further information see the website of the International  Small Wind
Conference 2010. [1]


Global Forum on Sustainable Energy

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
From22 April 2010

*Africa and Europe are strengthening their energy cooperation. In the
framework of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), two major events take
place in Vienna on 20-22 April 2010: The first High Level Meeting of the AEEP
and the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy.*
======== GLOBAL FORUM ON SUSTAINABLE ENERGY (GFSE) ===========================


The ninth *Global Forum on Sustainable Energy* takes place back-to-back with
the first High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership. *It will be
held on 22 April 2010 in Vienna.*
The one-day meeting will take up the key issues discussed at the High Level
Meeting, namely energy access, energy security, renewable energy and energy
efficiency. African and European experts will discuss common challenges and
develop solutions for sustainable energy services on the two continents. *The
Global Forum on Sustainable Energy* is a multi-stakeholder platform which is
facilitating international dialogue between key players on energy for
sustainable development.
For further information see the website of the Global Forum on Sustainable
Energy. [1]



The first High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP)

Zaira Girbau Garcia posted Information | 8 April 2010
Africa and Europe are strengthening their energy cooperation.

5th European PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
29 April 2010 to 30 April 2010

.... Conference Focus:

The topics of the conference include field experience and systems’
technology based on PV as well as small wind hybrid generation and concepts
for the implementation of mini-grids. Developments in system components,
advanced storage and back-up will be addressed. Moreover, new strategic
approaches for optimizing design and operation will be presented. Issues of
special interest will include possible synergies that could arise from the
combination of mini-grid schemes with numerical weather forecast models,
demand management, communication (ICT) technologies and socio-economic

* Development and Application of Technologies
* Exchange of Results and Ideas
* Know-how Transfer
* Identification of R&D Needs
* Presentation of Field Experience

 For more information, please, click here. [1]