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Zaira Girbau Garcia added a new Photo | 8 April 2010

Tunisia, most electrified country in Africa

Zaira Girbau Garcia posted Information | 8 April 2010

Kingsley Kobo, AfricaNews reporter in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

5th German-African Energy Forum "Germany - Energy Partner for Africa"

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
19 April 2010 to 21 April 2010

Given the growing German-African cooperation in the energy
sector, the German African Business Association [1] will continue to focus
on these developments and will organize the 5th German-African Energy Forum
from 19-21 April, 2010. The forum will again seek to attract cooperation
partners from Africa and Germany, to further direct attention of the German
energy industry on the potential of the African continent.

The Energy Forum is under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of
Economics and Technology, represented by Hans-Joachim Otto, Parliamentary
State Secretary.

On the first two days of the event in Hamburg, the conference will bring
together top-level speakers and representatives to present and discuss the
following issues of the African energy sector and the German-African energy

* Upstream: Exploration, Production & Marketing
* Pipeline (Construction and Operation)
* Downstream: Refining, Petrochemicals and Distribution
* Power: Production, Transmission, Distribution
* Energy Efficiency
* Renewable Energies: Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Geothermal and Biofuels
* Clean Development Mechanism
* Financing and Insurance of African Energy Projects

The programme will be continued by a visit of the Hannover Energy Fair. We
invite all participants of the 5th German-African Energy Forum to spend a
whole day at the Hanover Fair [2], the world’s largest energy & industrial
fair. As in 2009, the German-African Energy Forum will again be a part of the
“World Energy Dialogue [3]”, which will bring together with high-ranking
speakers from the industry, science and politics. In the afternoon of 21
April high-ranking African government and company representatives will
take part in a panel discussion under the title "German-African Energy
Dialogue". The moderator is Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Executive
Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

For further information, please, visit the website of the African Energy
Forum. [4]


2nd. Off-Grid Power Conference

Zaira Girbau Garcia created a new event | 8 April 2010
From10 June 2010

The second Off-Grid Power Conference will be held on *June 10th, 2010* in
Munich during the Intersolar trade fair.
*The focus in 2010 will be: *
*Quality assurance for products and services*

International speakers will present their experience in controlling and
maintaining technical quality of solar components and systems. This will lead
to the question on how a technical service can be organised to maintain the
quality of off-grid-PV systems. The speakers will try to find answers in the
discussion with the audiance.
Financial implications of quality control in larger PV projects will also be
presented and discussed. Operators of different solar dissemination
strategies like fee-for-service or micro-financed approaches will share their
view on quality control. This will lead to the question on the ´price´ of
high or low quality on the long run.
The conference will be closed by a happy hour get together and will provide
enough opportunities for fruitful exchange with the experts and further

For further information, please, visit the website of the 2nd. Off-grid Power
Conference.  [1]