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4.5 Selecting and combining aid modalities

Diane Kelecom updated the WIKI page | 2 days ago

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The design of EU support should not begin by choosing an aid modality!

TRANSrisk Workshop Assessing Uncertainties and Risks in the Transition to Low Carbon and Sustainable Societies

3 July 2017 to 4 July 2017
in (Spain)
Organised byTRANSrisk partner Basque Centre for Climate Change

During this workshop the work implemented so far in relation to stakeholder engagement processes and the implications of different transition pathways will be presented.

5.7 Promoting local/territorial development through the CSO-LA Thematic Programme

Diane Kelecom updated the WIKI page | 2 days ago

The EU CSO-LA Thematic Programme has made testing pilot actions promoting local development through a territorial approach one of its three overarching goals.

5.6 Innovative financing mechanisms for LA

Diane Kelecom updated the WIKI page | 2 days ago

In addition to using budget support operations or smart projects to channel funds directly to LAs, EU delegations may also consider new financing mechanisms like blending and trust funds.

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Supporting LA through blending