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Amouzou Bedi commented on a news | 4 days ago

The creation and operation of a regional academy in west Africa

While using training, coaching and mentoring to equip them with the required knowledge and skills they need, our regional Academy proposal will be a great center to motivate and empower local citizens to set up their own sustainable development initiatives and getting them actively involved in local development challenges. Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given the chance to understand, know and play his or her role in sustainable development. That’s what we’re doing. ~ KFDWB #K4dwb, #SDGs, #Donate4KFDWB

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Noticias EUTR: marzo – mayo 2018

ClientEarth Forests uploaded a new Document | 4 days ago

Esta edición del boletín de Noticias EUTR ofrece información actualizada sobre la aplicación de la legislación europea tendente a luchar contra la tala ilegal –el Reglamento de la UE relativo a la comercialización de la madera (EUTR)– entre marzo – mayo 2018.

TAF Sustainable Energy - Documents INDEX

Joséphine ARPAILLANGE updated the Document | 5 days ago


InfoPoint Lunchtime Conference: "Towards Shock-Responsive Safety Nets: the case of Somalia".

Helene Quentrec updated the event | 5 days ago
From22 June 2018
in Brussels (Belgium)

The conference will examine how the current development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in Somalia, especially cash transfers, could provide a case study and the foundation for multi-year large-scale emergency safety net programmes in protracted crises.