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Presentations in plenary

Laetitia Ricklin created a new WIKI page | 3 days ago

Please find here the Presentations to be held in plenary sessions. this is a temporary document, for the moment as back up.

Sustainable Development Goal 14 explained in a nutshell

Sustainable Development Goal 14 aims at conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

2017 Civil Society Forum - Neighbourhood South

Laetitia Ricklin updated the WIKI page | 4 days ago

N.B: For the preparatory seminars, registrations are closed.   

5th Assises of decentralised cooperation

Barbara Cauli updated the event | 4 days ago
10 July 2017 to 11 July 2017
in 1040 Bruxelles (Belgium)
Organised byEU Commission and Commitee of the Regions
​The registration to the Assises 2017 is open!
Fill the online registration form to participate:  

Practical informations for attendees and list of participants (closed)

Laetitia Ricklin updated the WIKI page | 4 days ago

Please find the practical information on the event.

In case of emergency (only)

Mob (M.Lepropre): +254 722 542548