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40 years supporting change? Send us your DEAR Programme 'stories'

Sandra Oliveira updated the WIKI page | 1 day ago

DEAR community,

The European Commission starts celebrating this year the 40th anniversary of co-financing development education and awareness raising (DEAR) activities in European Union countries.

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Lino Molteni added a new Photo | 1 day ago
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Regional Workshop on Social Protection: FINAL DAYS! 2-MINUTE VIDEO

Pierre Berman updated the Information | 2 days ago

The workshop has come to an end. In the final line, the participants had to make the final submission of their papers, then share them and agree on the conclusions of the future book. A commitment which was described as both exciting and demanding by the vast majority of the participants!

Take-away messages from the PFD session on the future ACP-EU partnership

Daphné Barbotte updated the Information | 2 days ago

This afternoon, panellists and PFD members discussed the Post-Cotonou framework – the future ACP-EU partnership – and the role CSOs and LAs should play in this new agreement.