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Joost Heinsius commented on information | 2 days ago

Crowdfunding for Culture, and more

There is also this EU-discussion on crowdfunding for culture:  what could the role be for the EU in fostering crowdfunding for the cultural sector:

Jules Seitz commented on a question | 2 days ago

Any good example of programme to support innovation through Agrodealer networks?

Hello Arnaud,

You might be interested in the experience of International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) as part of the organisation focus is to foster the development of agrodealers so that they may effectively serve farmers’ immediate and long term agricultural...

RNSF research"Volume 4.2": GP and LL from projects not funded by the European Union

Alessio Lupi updated the Document | 2 days ago

The document "Volume 4.2" of the RNSF research contains recommendations based on analysis of a range of development agencies on support to people dependent on the Informal Economy. 

Author of the volume is Ms. Mei Zegers - RNSF expert consultant.

RNSF Research - Volume 4.1: GP and LL from 33 projects funded by the European Union

Alessio Lupi updated the Document | 2 days ago

The "Volume 4.1" of the RNSf research contains Good Practices and Lessons Learned Extracted from 33 Projects Selected Under the 2009 EC call for Proposals: “Investing in People. Promoting social cohesion, employment and decent work.

Crowdfunding for Culture, and more

Marc LINTS posted Information | 2 days ago

Financer les artistes…