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philene goueth commented on information | 17 hours ago

Introduction: Neil Pakenham-Walsh, UK

you are welcome Neil,

philene goueth commented on information | 17 hours ago

Scientific Communication: How to Foster Innovation and Enlarge Your Business

i am through with you and let me keep that charming quote: The ideal scientist thinks like a poet, writes like a bookkeeper. But he’s still a poet inside.”

TRANSrisk Newsletter: Issue #8, June 2017

The 8th TRANSrisk newsletter features TRANSrisk events in May, June, and July 2017.

1st TRANSrisk Policy Brief: Transition in the livestock sector: Exploring trade-offs in environmental policy

The 1st issue of TRANSrisk policy briefs explores the trade-off risks within low-carbon transition pathways in the livestock sector in the Netherlands.

TRANSrisk Newsletter: Issue #7, April 2017

The 7th TRANSrisk newsletter features previous TRANSrisk events, TRANSrisk reports, The 1st TRANSrisk Policy Brief, and the latest Scientific Publications