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Forest City Forum & Exhibition

From21 March 2018
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byREVOLVE

Evidence Informed Policy Making in the news - The Africa Evidence Network at University World News

Javier Burgos updated the Information | 19 hours ago

University World News has produced an article: "promoting the value of useful and used research", where the work of the African Evidence Network is explained.

Lancement des appels à proposition dans le secteur de l'eau au Burkina Faso

Briac Deffobis posted Information | 19 hours ago

L'Union Européenne a publié le 20 février 2018 les appels à proposition suivants au Burkina Faso

Multi-stakeholders dialogue in Tanzania: Informal economy on the way to recognition.

Pierre Berman posted Information | 20 hours ago

One of the main issues linked to Informal Economy is the lack of recognition of workers depending on it and their difficulties to get their interests taken into consideration in the political agenda.