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Panel Discussion at EDD 2013: The value of culture and creativity in urban development

26 November 2013,
18:00 to 19:30

A 2013 European Development Days Discussion Panel

Link to event on European Development Days 2013 website:

The World Bank has described urbanization as ‘the defining phenomenon of the 21st century’. 90% of urban growth is happening in the developing world and over 50% of urban dwellers are youth. Two billion new urban inhabitants are expected in the next 20 years.

In the face of such an evolution and the potential risk of alienation of a growing number of urban populations, new models for viable, diverse, peaceful, creative and vibrant cities are needed in the developing world.

Studies already highlight the link between cities’ development and health, safety, food security, access to services or environmental control, however more is to be done to encourage local and inclusive urban solutions in fast-growing cities and engage citizens’ ownership.

Cultural dynamism and public spaces as well as civil society’s participation play a key role for ensuring a sustainable and business friendly urban development.

Representatives from local governments, academia, the corporate world, urban planning and culture will address the issue from their own perspective.




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