Culture in Development Cooperation

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Marc LINTS posted Information 19 March 2017

Projet de Réseau Euro-ACP de Fondations pour le Patrimoine
1. Introduction
Ce Réseau Euro-ACP se crée actuellement. Il s’agit donc d’un projet participatif qui sera présenté au prochain appel conjoint du Secrétariat ACP et de la C.E.

Marc LINTS posted Information 19 March 2017

Heritage Foundations’s Network project

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 7 December 2016

Located just behind Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto, Johannesburg, is a music education and community centre.

Andrea Valentini posted Information 11 March 2016


Stages of Change: Solomon Islands community visual theatre project (312,000 EUR, EU funded, 01/03/2013 - 01/03/2015)

Andrea Valentini posted Information 13 November 2015

The UNESCO Culture for Sustainable Development webpage provides the reader with the key areas where culture can play a decisive role in the forthcoming international development agenda and the r

Rhys Williams posted Information 7 October 2015

“No future without culture”. Placing culture at the heart of international cooperation is essential if we are to make development a sustainable process. ECDPM applies a culturally sensitive approach to development by working on societal dynamics and their interaction with policy-making.