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Cultural Heritage and Economic Development

Dear All,

By preserving and strengthening the diversity of material heritage, its professional activities and its actors' know-how:

1) we create sustainable conditions for: 

- strategies in related areas:  intercultural dialogue, immaterial heritage, cultural industries 

- social cohesion and identity building through education and skills training

2) we directly connect to multiple sectors of the economy (sme s, tourism, transports, commerce, infrastructure, employment, etc)

I am happy for those who are having projects that follow this path and I am inviting the others to bring their attention to this aspect.

A Development and Cooperation thematic platform "heritage and development" is being assembled progressively (in a transition period on
If you have heritage projects in preparation or reference documentation you would like to communicate on, we are interested in referencing them on this platform. Please get in touch with me in the first place.

You will find there:

The link to the thematic briefing note regarding Heritage social, human and economic development

Reference documents on Heritage and on EU related activities (in FR and EN):

The presentations made at the workshop dedicated to this theme (in French):

I put to your attention as well to the last Euromed Heritage Newsletter dedicated to Heritage apprententiceship.

Attempts to preserve traditional skills are few, however they do exist. Read about silk-production in Syria, the Palestinian arts & crafts production, the empowerment of women in the oasis of Siwa, Egypt, and how dry-stone walling has given a chance to people who had lost hope.

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