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ARPEM Business Incubators in the Music Sector


Promoting Economic Development of the Cultural Sector


Countries: Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal

Project initiated in: 2009

Presented by: Culture and Development

Partners: Funded mainly by the EU through the EU-ACP Support Programme to ACP Cultural Industries, ACP Secretariat, AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation), OIF (International Organisation for the French-Speaking World), UNESCO, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CulturesFrance, city of Grenoble

Project budget: EUR 635 900

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// Context

The major African metropolises are undergoing important transformations and their cultural dynamics contain a high economic development potential. The music field is made up of numerous companies and economic activities that contribute to the development of the urban space. It is nevertheless hampered by a lack of structuring and professionalism. Private companies are a fundamental component in the sector and constitute economic development agents in urban territories, their formalisation and structuring are vital for the creation of new jobs and generate income growth. Now, the companies that are active in the music sector are mostly characterised by a chronic vulnerability and low-level structuring that strongly limit their contributions and added values.

As they are not always considered fully-fledged economic actors, cultural entrepreneurs don’t benefit or benefit too little from support schemes adapted to their specific needs. 

// Project objectives

  • Support, in each of the three target countries, the setting up of a business incubator in the music field, with a view to meet the specific needs of the entrepreneurs in the sector, in terms of training, technical support, information and coaching.
  • Fostering, in each of the targeted territories, synergy between private and public, local and national actors.
  • Mobilise the expertise of South African and Jamaican partners in terms of cultural business support.
  • Support the stimulation of a West-African network of incubators while fostering experience, know-how and expertise exchanges and repeatability of the initiatives.

// Expected impact

Through the setting up of support programmes and targeted professional support, sectoral studies and with technical support from the music sector operators in Jamaica and South Africa, the programme is expected to deliver the following results:

  • three sustainable structures to support companies from the music sector;
  • new businesses created and developed, integrated in the formal economic circuit;
  • a structured West African music sector, generating a significant added value, jobs, and increasingly contributing to the economic activity of the targeted countries.

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