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You Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an unbelievable story. Thousands of British Columbians, and people from around the world, have come together to protect a beautiful place, forever, through the spirit of gratitude. We have a feeling this story is not over and is part of something much bigger. If...
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Ce groupe se compose d'opérateurs culturels qui souhaitent partager leur expérience dans ce (nouveau) domaine : le financement participatif. Et notamment dégager les meilleures pistes de réussite et apprendre des échecs éventuels d'une campagne de financement. Il favorisera les collaborations entre membres.

En aucun cas, ce groupe ne constituera une plate forme de financement.

The “crowdfunding-financement participatif” Group will concern cultural operators.

And will be focused on exchange of experience, best practices and networking.

                                        And NOT a tool for fundraising.

Meaning that should not be allowed contacting or notifying members asking for funding.


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22 October 2014


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