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Rhys Williams posted Information 17 February 2015

- The EU's Comprehensive Approach is already being applied to a significant extent in the Sahel: in that sense what already works should be seen as good practice.

Rhys Williams uploaded a new Document 17 February 2015
Rhys Williams posted Information 27 January 2015

In promoting the ‘Comprehensive Approach’ – there is pressure to adopt a maximalist approach to coherence (involving as many actors as possible), yet this is likely to result in unrealistic expectations.

Rhys Williams uploaded a new Document 27 January 2015
Rhys Williams posted Information 12 December 2014

The need for comprehensive and coordinated responses by the EU to address sustainable development, peace and security, especially in complex fragile situations, is widely accepted.

Rhys Williams uploaded a new Document 12 December 2014

Faria, F. 2014. What EU Comprehensive Approach? Challenges for the EU Action Plan and beyond. (Briefing Note 71). Maastricht: ECDPM.

Sébastien Babaud uploaded a new Document 2 July 2014

The European Union has a responsibility to mainstream conflict sensitivity into all aspects of its external action – particularly development co-operation – if it is to be seen as a global actor aiming to ‘preserve peace, prevent conflicts and strengthen international security’ (Lisbon Treaty; Ar