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International Peacebuilders Forum 2014 !


International forums offer participants an opportunity to exchange and make connections with other stakeholders, in an attempt to create synergies.

As of yet, such an opportunity is missing within the field of peacebuilding. This is why the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP) and CAUX-Initiatives of Change (CAUX-IofC) joined hands to organize the International Peace-Builders’ Forum (IPF) 2014 in Caux. The event will be held on 11 - 12 August 2014. So far the registration for exhibitors is opened and we would like to invite you to be part of it as an exhibitor. Please consult the exhibitors information booklet for more information here (scroll down to downloads):

Thank you for your time and interest and see you in Caux. 

Best wishes,

Nick Foster
Fondation CAUX - Initiatives et Changement

Pascal Gemperli

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Caux, International Conference Center (Switzerland)


Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP) and CAUX-Initiatives of Change (CAUX-IofC)

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