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CoPeSe e-Peacebuilding: we are beta-live!

Dear CoPeSe member,

It is done, we are beta-live!

After several months of hard work and platform development, we proudly present:

Today, we kindly invite you to become beta-tester of the system.

We just started feeding the platform, aiming at becoming the largest peacebuilding meta-platform over the coming weeks, be part of it, share your contents on

The platform should basically be self-explaining; hence, it is part of the beta-testing to check if this is the case J That is why we do not explain more at this point. Only the following: CoPeSe has its own currency, the CoPeSe-credit. It allows its members to use more sophisticated services and to purchase advertisements. As a beta-tester, you will get:

  • 9 credits to grant you 3 months full access for free (the beta-testing lasts until the 30th of September)
  • 1 credit per bug report (see below)
  • 1 credit per approved contribution (see the “Share” button on

How to report bugs? We installed a bot-messaging system during the beta-testing phase (see the blue bot system on the bottom-left on the site). Please report bugs over this tool along with your CoPeSe email address. We are interested in the following:

  • Technical bugs: broken links, design errors,
  • User (un-)friendliness: unclear explanations, complicated procedures, unclear workflows, etc.
  • Typos and bad language
  • Any other point that improves quality and usability of CoPeSe

We are absolutely thrilled about this beta-launch and we are looking forward to going the last mile before the official launch together with you.

PS: if you have royalty-free or creative-commons pictures we could use for the main page, they are most welcome J

Thanks in advance,


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11 September 2020

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