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What is is an online knowledge sharing and collaboration platform set-up by the European Commission Directorate General EuropeAid. Offering the advanced information management tools needed, it helps development practitioners from across the world, including commission staff, partner countries, other donors, academics and civil society representatives etc., to exchange information and share ideas and experience online. was originally set up and launched in October 2009 to support a comprehensive Strategy on "Reforming Technical Cooperation (TC) and Project Implementation Units (PIU)". However, following its success and high adoption levels among the development practitioners community, an enhanced version was developed and launched in October 2010 expanding its thematic scope to most of the development aid and cooperation issues, offering as well more advanced collaboration features.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a professional interest in development, aid and cooperation issues is welcome and encouraged to sign up to On average 40% of our registered members come from European Commission headquarters and EU Delegations, while 60% come from governments, civil society organisations, the private sector or academia, amongst others.

What can I do here?

You can read from hundreds of "Voices and Views" posted regularly on the homepage and the topic pages, and – if you are registered - comment on these. You are also encouraged to write your own stories which could be selected by the Capacity4dev coordination team to feature on the homepage. Registered members can also share ideas, knowledge, resources, events or documents with peers participating in existing online working groups, or create their own.

Is this official EC information?

The information you read on this site is provided by members of The content and any opinions expressed do not constitute the official view of the European Commission, and are not binding in any way. You can find official EC information on the DG EuropeAid website.

I am an EC official, can I post here?

Yes. Posting on is just like taking part in any other public event where you are a representative of the Commission. So remember:

- the Commission's position is the point of departure

- have a clear frame of reference in terms of subject matter

- maintain objectivity, impartiality and loyalty to the institutions

- be sure not to divulgence information that is not yet public

For more guidance, see the administrative notice 38/2007 from 17/7/2007 on "Staff as Ambassadors".

Read a quote from this text:

"'Speaking' on the Internet: The same considerations apply when staff 'speak' on the Internet. Participation in discussion forums,blogs or Internet chats may play an increasingly important role as the Commission engages in dialogue with citizens. There is essentially no difference between a Commission member of staff attending an event, visiting a school or delivering a speech and the same person taking part in a discussion forum or contributing to a blog. When 'speaking' to external audiences via the Internet, the same guidelines apply as mentioned above (remit, clear frame of reference, key staff obligations). Likewise, you are strongly encouraged to introduce certain personal elements and structure, relying on your good judgement and common sense".

Who has the copyright?

The content on this website is free of copyright except if stated otherwise. Nevertheless, we require that you cite the author of the content, the source as ‘’, respect the original format and include a link to the content on Material on is not intended for commercial use. See also the copyright section (Conditions) and our Legal Notice.

Are there any rules for users?

Yes. This is a site for professionals. Help us to keep free of spam, junk and inappropriate content. For more guidance, read: Conditions