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Join – Share - Learn is the European Commission’s primary online knowledge sharing platform on development, external cooperation and policy. Launched in 2009 it now has over 20,400 members including staff from DEVCO and other European Commission directorates, the European External Action Service, EU member states, partner governments, civil society, academia and the private sector.

Created and managed by DEVCO, aims to improve capacity development through knowledge sharing by:

  • Consolidating knowledge and building an institutional memory
  • Supporting thematic expertise
  • Enabling cross-learning among practitioners from the EU institutions and other organisations
  • Consolidating knowledge sharing tools and communities of practice around a common environment.

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Connecting the Development Community


The platform provides an open forum for members to share ideas and expertise. They work together in public and private groups where they can share documents, write blogs and comments, promote events, share the content of important workshops, and use a project management and reporting tool.

Groups can be created to discuss issues, exchange experiences, or prepare for new initiatives. There are over 400 groups to join covering most of the topics and areas that development staff work in.

Voices & Views

Every week, interesting knowledge pieces on the quality of aid, capacity development and policy, are promoted to the front page in "Voices & Views". There are now over 400 of these, many of which contain video interviews, forming a treasure trove of colleagues’ insights and views, on policy developments, how to use EC tools, and advice from colleagues.


There are currently 29 topics pages on, with 3 more on the way. These cover a broad range of international development themes from policy, to education. Use the topic pages as an entry point to find the content and groups relevant to your area of work and/or interest.


The fast growing community is open to all stakeholders and practitioners - 70% of members are from Donors, the Private sector, Partner governments, NGOs and Academia. Each member has his/her own profile page with personalised notifications. You can search through members, to find and interact with colleagues working on similar topics to you.

Searching for Information

Members can search the Voices & Views and the groups for interesting information relevant to their work. Most of the content in the groups is crowd sourced, while the Voices & Views are created by journalists, working for the platform, in close collaboration with members of the site. Therefore it should be noted that this information is provided in the interests of knowledge sharing and capacity development and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission. For more information please see the Terms and Conditions.

Origins was originally set up to support a comprehensive reform promoting capacity development: the Backbone Strategy on "Reforming Technical Cooperation (TC) and Project Implementation Units (PIU)." The platform has since expanded to incorporate a host of topic areas relevant to the development community.

Technical Cooperation Reform is central to the rationale of, through these fundamental principles:

  • promoting capacity development
  • taking account of specific and broad context analysis
  • adopting a results orientation
  • promoting ownership
  • working through harmonised and aligned action
  • considering different and innovative options for the provision of development cooperation

The Coordination Team is supported by a Coordination Team that can help you contribute to ‘Voices & Views’, upload other information or provide tips and tricks on how to set up and moderate your groups. In order to better promote the quality of aid, capacity development and knowledge exchange, most of the members of this team are development professionals and as such are also involved in other tasks. They are:

To contact a member of the Coordination Team, use the Contact Form.

In order to manage the knowledge sharing functionality, the unit works with an extended user group composed of topic coordinators from various DEVCO units, as well as users from European Union Delegations, the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Directorate of the European Commission, and other stakeholders. The strategic decisions are taken by a steering committee composed of members working in key DEVCO functions such as general coordination, IT, Training and knowledge management, as well as Communication and transparency.

The members of the steering committee are:

  • Jan Ten-Bloemendal, Head of Unit 06, Quality and Results, DEVCO, chair of the steering committee
  • Stina Soewarta, Head of Unit 05, Communication and Transparency, DEVCO
  • Beata Kolecka, Head of Unit R7, Training, Knowledge Management, Document Management, DEVCO
  • Fernando Centurione, Head of Unit R6, Information technology and infrastructure, DEVCO
  • Vincent Grimaud, Head of Unit 02, General coordination, DEVCO
  • Paul Riembault, Team Leader, Unit 05, Operational Information Systems, DEVCO
  • Ahmad Baihaki, capacity4dev Project Manager in Unit 06, Quality and Results, DEVCO

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