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Dear colleagues,

Most of you are sometimes dealing with the need to make public presentation on your project and its activities. In the file enclosed we are offering you the official EU PPT template updated with some Ukrainian elements. You are welcome to use it in your everyday work.


Dear Mrs. Mygal, 

could you please clear out if this template is obligatory for all public presentations of the projects, funded by EU, or not?

Dear Mr. Yatsenko,

This template is recommended for the contractors and implementing partners.

But you may as well use your own template, if you prefer. In this case please follow the visibility criteria described at the Communication Toolkit -

Namely, please note that the EU Flag must be on all project materials. If numerous logos should be included because the project has many partners, the EU flag should always be to the left of all others.

Let me know please if you need further information on this.

Best regards,


good template, seem to serve as basis for individual project development

Dear Liudmyla,

We hope it will be helpful in your everyday work)

You may as well find some symbolic photos at These are official photos of the EU, please feel free to use them in your presentations and other materials.

Many thanks. 

Dear Olesya,

no further information is needed, everything seems pretty clear. Indeed we are using our own template, but with EU visual materials.

Thanks for clarification.

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Olesya Mygal
27 March 2013

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