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Technical areas covered by the policy project

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Support and activity is foreseen across a wide range of technical areas, including:

  1. Engaging effectively in international negotiations (in particular UNFCCC) and delivering on commitments under international agreements;
  2. Support for understanding  and, where relevant, aligning domestic policies with, EU climate change law and approaches;
  3. Strengthening capacity for strategic planning with regard to mitigation, including, as appropriate, the development economy-wide and/or sectoral low-carbon strategies; GHG-related energy efficiency strategies, NAMAs;
  4. Strengthening capacity for strategic planning with regard to adaptation to climate change;
  5. Designing appropriate legislation to underpin national policy;
  6. Developing relevant infrastructure for data capture, assessment and reporting to underpin policy, monitoring and compliance with international or domestic commitments (including GHG Registry and Inventory, and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification systems);
  7. Developing appropriate scientific models and analytical capacity to underpin policy development and action planning;
  8. Developing awareness of, and successfully accessing,  relevant financing mechanisms for climate action;
  9. Elaboration of domestic and regional emission trading systems.

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