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SPHaïtiLab project - A National Laboratory Policy for Haiti

The high authority of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) approved and signed the “National Laboratory Policy of Haiti “(NLP). A ceremony will be organized this month to officially launch the document, which is the result of almost two years of consultations and work.

The development of the “National Laboratory Policy of Haiti “, was made possible thanks to the engagement of the Ministry of Health and the support of the project SPHaïtiLab *co-financed by the European Union and the Mérieux Foundation. This document represents a new breath into the development of the laboratory sector in Haiti, which was considered for a long time as neglected.

The Policy was developed based on the recommendations following a first stage: the situation analysis. This consisted of an evaluation of thirty (30) medical laboratories throughout the country and the assessment of the results following the end period of the five-year Strategic Plan of the National Laboratory Network (2010-2015).

Two workshops were organized in September and November 2016 to discuss the content of the Policy. The consultations were essential to reach consensus amongst the stakeholders of the laboratory sector, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and more specifically the National Public Health Laboratory. Amongst the participating institutions we can single out: the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA (CDC), ECHO, the African Institute for Public Health (Burkina Faso), the GHESKIO Centers, representatives of owners of private laboratories, Medical Technologists associations, deans of faculties, departmental health directors of the MSPP ...

The “National Laboratory Policy of Haiti” presents the vision, mission, values, strategies and implementation measures that the Ministry of Health wants to implement in the country to have a performing laboratory system, and provide to the whole population universal access to quality health services.

The Policy is about thirty pages long and defines the Ministry broad orientations for the development of the laboratory sector in Haiti. The strategies described include: laboratory management and legal and regulatory systems, the development and application of standards, the management of Human Resources, the promotion of research in biology, the management of information in laboratory, quality management, supply system, equipment management, biosecurity and biosafety, end the funding of the field of laboratories.

To facilitate the implementation of the national laboratory policy, two documents were developed: a five-year strategic plan and a two-year operational plan. The first document entitled: "Strategic Plan for the National Laboratory System 2018-2022" is almost finalized after two workshops and several work meetings.  The second plan is currently under development.

According to numerous stakeholders questioned in Haiti, the National Policy is a big step towards the development of this sector. The Ministry of Health hereby recognizes the importance of ensuring quality diagnostic services as an essential step to provide appropriate patient care.

Photo group of SPHaïtiLab and consortium partners

Marie Ludie Monfort PAUL

SPHaïtiLab Communication Officer

Chloé Masetti

SPHaïtiLab Project Coordinator

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