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Symposium: Evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals


With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in September 2015, a new set of objectives for global sustainable development will guide the global development agenda. The SDGs provide a comprehensive approach, ensuring a high level of ambition for achieving results, involving development agencies and governments, international organisations, civil society and business.

Coinciding with 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation and the European Year of Development, the symposium aims to be a forum for discussion on the implications of the SDGs for the evaluation of policies, programmes and projects across sectors.

The symposium will address the central question of how the SDGs may inform research and practice in evaluation.

Attendees are invited to:

• Find out more about the contribution of evaluation, research and practice to the effective implementation and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

• Discuss the implications of the new international development agenda on evaluation research and practice across sectors (policy, civil society, business, academia)

• Engage in a dialogue with key actors and experts from research, business, policy, international organisations and civil society

Confirmed speakers:

Martin Ledolter, Managing Director of the Austrian Development Agency
Lucia Reisch, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, member of the German Council for Sustainable Development
Wolfgang Meyer, Deputy Director of the Center for Evaluation at Saarland University, Coordinator of Divison Environment and Labour Market
André Martinuzzi, Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability and Associate Professor at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

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Vienna University of Economics and Business, Foyer Executive Academy (Austria)


Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austrian Development Agency & European Evaluation Society

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