Building resilience of small island economies

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Isolina Boto posted Information 19 April 2017

Samoa is leading the Asia Pacific region in statistical data transparency becoming the first country in the area to launch a new National Summary Data Page (NSDP), a one-stop statistics shop for publishing essential macroeconomic data, critical

Lebo Mofolo posted Information 16 December 2016

For Pacific countries, developing high-value niche products for export such as coffee, vanilla, and chocolate, opens up promising economic opportunities.

David Walker posted Information 29 November 2016

The prime minister of Solomon Islands has signed the Melanesian Free Trade Agreement making his country the first Melanesian Spearhead Group member to do so. Only two MSG member countries need sign the agreement for it to come into effect. The sub-regional trade deal is an expansion of former agr

David Walker posted Information 5 August 2016

The coastal and inland fisheries, tropical climate and fertile soils of South Pacific nations support the production of fresh ingredients that are healthy, nutritious and vitamin rich.

Lebo Mofolo posted Information 12 April 2016

Agricultural innovation, nutrition, resilience and financing: 4 EU initiatives

Yentyl Williams posted Information 26 October 2015

The European Union is a strong supporter for Agriculture development in Fiji and around the Pacific.

Yentyl Williams posted Information 26 October 2015
Yentyl Williams posted Information 6 July 2015

A new generation of youthful institutions that are inspiring and changing the climate of development across the Caribbean. Indeed, going beyond climate change in the Caribbean.

Yentyl Williams posted Information 22 June 2015

This World Fish report on "Building climate-resilient food systems for Pacific Islands" focuses on the challenges of climate change and food security for the Pacific Islands.

Yentyl Williams posted Information 16 June 2015

The agribusiness forum in Fiji will highlight successes in strengthening links between agriculture and tourism industries in the Pacific region. While highly diversified, Pacific Island Countries (PICs) share common challenges that impede their efforts to achieve balanced economic growth and sust