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New inter-island cargo service on stream for later this year

The Barbados-based cargo ship Schooner Ruth is expected to start transporting inter-island cargo during the third quarter of this year. The interior of the vessel is currently being fitted out, with focus on installing solar refrigeration equipment. Launched in December 2014, the small cargo vessel is a pilot of the “Caribbean Sail Cargo Initiative” project of the UWI Cave Hill Campus, Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship in partnership with SV Ruth Ltd. “What we want to do is create a sail cargo fleet where Schooner Ruth is the first ship, is operating sustainably, working within the green economy and is reducing consumption of fossil fuel,” said Ian Dash, Director of SV Ruth Ltd. “Although Schooner Ruth is a very small vessel with only a capacity to carry 50 tonnes, we are already looking at another existing vessel, which if the financing becomes available through the Climate Mitigation Fund, we will have a 400 tonne vessel, which we can put into servicing Guyana. In the future we are looking at large vessels plying the Caribbean with highly technologically advanced sail systems, which can carry grain and other bulk commodities.”

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David Walker
9 June 2016

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