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Over the years to come the biomass market will grow even more within the biopower, biofuels and bioproducts sectors. Biomass is steadily becoming cost competitive and starts benefiting from national level programs, energy efficiency incentives and financial incentives targeting the expansion of the market and creating demand for biomass power globally.

Having that in mind, the European Biomass Industry Association set up the Biomass Market Future Prospects Group to bring forward the latest developments in the field of biomass and bioenergy, to foster cooperation and create a forum for open discussions on the future prospects of the biomass market in Europe and worldwide.

What will YOU gain if you decide to join this group?

  • A clear picture of the deployment of resources worldwide in the fields of biomass and bioenergy
  • Latest news on the development of modern concepts, commercial technologies and biomass resources able to penetrate energy industrial markets
  • First-hand knowledge of latest EU Calls and Tenders relevant to biomass and bioenergy
  • A platform for open interaction between stakeholders where YOU can contribute with your knowledge while benefiting from other members' expertise

If you want to stay connected even more with us check our website, Twitter and Facebook.

If you come from academia you might be interested in joining our European Biomass Research Network here to take part in 'Research-for-industry' projects of actual interest for the industry.

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19 August 2016

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