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Biodiversity for Life (B4Life)

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Susanna von Sydow5 June 2014

EuropeAid recently launched the new flagship initiative EU Biodiversity for Life (B4Life) which is designed to help the poorest countries protect ecosystems, combat wildlife crime and develop green economies. It takes the novel approach of emphasising the economic benefits of protecting biodiversity and ecosystems in the interest of sustaining livelihoods and reducing poverty.

As part of the EU thematic programme Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPGC) EuropeAid has developed several flagship initiatives. These are large, multidisciplinary development programmes designed to tackle major global problems and maximise impacts through setting a clear objective and recognisable goals. 

B4Life focuses on the strong linkages between ecosystems and livelihoods in view of contributing to poverty eradication. The initiative aims at contributing to halt biodiversity loss and deliver on the European Union's commitments by fully integrating biodiversity and ecosystem conservation with socio-economic development and poverty eradication through an innovative and cross-cutting approach.The initiative will gather all European Commission's biodiversity specific activities to create more coherence and a clear strategic framework.

B4Life operates in three priority areas:

  • Good governance for a sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Ecosystem conservation for food security and sustainable rural development.
  • Ecosystem-based solutions towards a green economy.

In addition, it includes a specific window to address the wildlife crisis linked to increasing illegal trafficking which deserves special attention.


New dissemination material about B4Life (brochure, leaflet and poster) to be issued soon !

About the B4Life Facility

The Biodiversity for Life flagship initiative, set up under the European Commission’s Global Public Goods and Challenges thematic programme 2014-2020, aims to ensure that ecosystems and biodiversity conservation are properly integrated into strategies for poverty alleviation and socio-economic development.

To support this goal, the B4Life Facility was set up in September 2015 to provide technical assistance to staff in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), to EU Delegations and to government officials in developing countries.


The Facility aims to:

  • Increase the quality and coherence of programmes and projects targeting ecosystems, biodiversity and climate change;
  • Improve the visibility of these actions;
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge in order to raise understanding of the fundamental links between healthy ecosystems and biodiversity conservation, and socio-economic development and poverty reduction.


The B4Life Facility supports DG DEVCO Unit C2 (Environment, Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Wildlife) and responds to requests for support from DEVCO Geographic Units and/or EU Delegations in partner countries.

It provides support via its in-house experts (two thematic specialists, one communication expert) or by mobilising short-term expertise as a function of Unit C2’s priorities.

The Facility is also developing a knowledge-sharing component designed to update existing training opportunities to integrate themes linking biodiversity and development

The B4Life Facility Technical Assistance is implemented by the consortium Agreco, MDF, ICF International.


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