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Poachers of protectors ? Local communities at the frontline of conservation


What really drives wildlife trade, hunting and trafficking?

Wildlife is in crisis in many parts of the globe, and decision makers need sound expertise and experience to inform their actions. In order to understand the drivers of escalating patterns of poaching, organised illegal wildlife trade, and habitat loss, this event places the indigenous and local communities that live close to wildlife at the forefront of thinking and action, and provides insights on how wildlife conservation can be reconciled with supporting community rights and livelihoods.


The Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management, established under the Convention on Biological Diversity, with its 13 member organizations is the leading international body representing expertise focused on understanding and promoting the sustainable management of terrestrial vertebrate wildlife and biodiversity conservation, while meeting the livelihood, social, cultural and economic needs of human populations.


The aim of this event is to raise awareness amongst European policy makers of the complexity of wildlife management on the ground; bring a wide range of views on various approaches for conservation and sustainable use of wildlife; showcase effective approaches to community engagement in sustainable wildlife management; and foster dialogue between European policy-makers, international conservation, development organizations and practitioners.


11:45-12:15                 Registration



12:30-12:35                 Welcome and introduction by MEP Pavel Poc


12:35-12:45                 David Cooper, Convention on Biological Diversity


12:45-12:55                 Tom de Meulenaer, Chief of Scientific Services, CITES Secretariat


12:55-13:05                Daniel Kobei, International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB)

Role of indigenous peoples in wildlife conservation


13:05-13:15                 John E. Fa, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) &

Jean-Claude Nguinguiri, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Wild meat and food security


13:15-13:25                 Jan Heino, International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)

Hunting is not a crime, poaching is


13:25-13:35                 Emmanuelle Maire, Head of Unit “Global Sustainability, Trade and Multilateral Agreements”, DG ENV, European Commission - TBC


13:35-13:45                 Philippe Mayaux, Head of Secteur "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services", DG DEVCO, European Commission


13:45-13:55                 Rosie Cooney, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Local Communities: the first line of defense in combating Illegal Wildlife Trade


13:55-14:05                 Alexander Kasterine, International Trade Centre (ITC)

How does the trade in wildlife contribute to livelihoods in developing countries? A case study from the python skin trade in the luxury fashion sector


14:05-14:50                 Questions and Answers

Dialogue between speakers and audience


14:50-15:00                 Conclusion by MEP Pavel Poc


Paolo Mattana, Secretariat of the EP Intergroup CCBSD, Ph. + 32 2 230 30 70, e-mail

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European Parliament, Room A1G-2 (Belgium)


European Parliament Intergroup on climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development

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