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EU strategic approach for African Wildlife. (2) Southern Africa - DRAFT DOCUMENT

The strategic approach developed herein is primarily targeted at the conservation of large functioning ecosystems or landscapes supporting key African wildlife populations. It contributes to wider goals of biodiversity conservation by, for example, protecting many small areas of outstanding importance to particular threatened taxa where those small areas fall within larger conservation landscapes. A secondary tactic supporting wider biodiversity goals is to make conservation funds available to agencies and projects protecting small important sites that cannot be contained in the large key landscapes identified.

The Strategic Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Africa is presented in six volumes as follows:

  • Volume 1: Synopsis
  • Volume 2: Southern Africa
  • Volume 3: Eastern Africa
  • Volume 4: Central Africa
  • Volume 5: Western Africa
  • Volume 6: Additional Sections – Elephants, Rhinos, Trade, Madagascar, Birds, Other Wildlife

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