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Larger than Tigers: inputs for a strategic approach to biodiversity conservation in Asia

Larger than Tigers presentation cover slide showing a tarsier

The European Commission has published two detailed reports to guide policy and programming for biodiversity conservation in Asia: Larger than Tigers: Synthesis and Larger than Tigers: Regional Reports. 

In promoting greater attention to biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable development across the 25 countries covered by the study, the European Union is in line with its commitment, and that of its Member States, to support equitable and sustainable social development globally, while helping to address the root causes of poverty, insecurity, migration and extremism. The EU is also committed to support its partner countries to mainstream biodiversity and ecosystems conservation into their own actions. 

The two publications are now available online at the EU publications office website.

A presentation about the reports is also available as a PDF file.






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12 October 2018

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