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Western Ghats video/International Day for the World’s Indigenous People

Through the work of Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund grantee organizations in India, the role of indigenous tribal groups in conserving the Western Ghats is being increasingly appreciated. Along with this appreciation is coming formal recognition of their rights to use and conserve forest resources and revival of traditional ecological knowledge and customary practices.

The Western Ghats are as notable for their linguistic and cultural diversity as they are for their biological diversity. It is time to recognize that these two dimensions are indivisible, and to search for solutions that foster both. To this goal, CEPF’s grantees have been pointing the way.

See the video from CEPF program in the Western Ghats about working with indigenous communities for conservation here:

Know more about the Critical Ecosystem Partenrship Fund in:


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Arnold Jacques de Dixmude
10 August 2015

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