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The financing decision for the Annual Action Programme 2015 of GPGC/Environment and Climate Change has been adopted by the Commission. New projects for B4Life!

Twenty-five new projects and programmes, to be funded by the Environment & Climate Change allocation of the Global Public Goods and Challenges thematic programme of the Development Cooperation Instrument, have been adopted by the European Commission for its Annual Action Plan 2015 on 11 August, for a total amount of 171.2 million EUR. They are now posted on EuropeAid's web site. Have a look at these here: 

Out of these new actions, five are biodiversity-specific projects to be committed under the B4Life flagship !

  • Contributing to preserving marine and coastal biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea basin - € 8.5 M - Call for Proposals to be launched soon.
  • Biodiversity conservation and management of protected areas in ASEAN - € 10 M
  • Law enforcement and demand management of wildlife in Asia - € 5 M
  • Support à la réforme du Réseau d'Aires Protégées d'Afrique Centrale (RAPAC) - € 2.6 M
  • Support to international environment governance for sustainable development in the areas of biodiversity and ecosystems, soil management, sound management of chemicals and wastes, green economy, trade and resource efficiency - € 12.580 M, of which: OECD work programme on Biodiversity and Development (€ 200 K).

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Arnold Jacques de Dixmude
25 September 2015

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